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Customized Warriors - Faces

Customized Warriors - Faces

Product Information
The original Terracotta Warriors have unique faces and gestures. Now you have the chance to get a unique Terracotta Warrior with your own. offers customized warriors. We can also meet your special needs. Please keep in mind customized warrior requires one more month than other warrior replicas in preparation time. At least 5 pictures will be needed to make a customized face.

We offer different styles of customized terracotta warrior. The information on this page is for warriors with customized faces and original bodies.

Chinese pop star Peter Ho visited our factory to make a terracotta warrior of his own.

Peter Ho assembles the head of his terracotta warrior himself.

Peter Ho and a Chinese TV host admired Peter's customized terracotta warrior on a national TV program in China.

Two unfinished heads for customized warriors:

We offer sea shipping services to most ports in United Kingdom, Australia and USA (please refer to the ports included in the dropdown menu of Shipping to Port shown on the page).  An extra shipping charge may occur for shipping to other ports, so please contact us for more details before you make an order.

If your order exceeds $600, you now have an opportunity to get one 1/3 size Kneeling Archer at only $59, saving more than $200! Please refer to
1/3 size Kneeling Archer for more information!

Do not forget to choose your own free terra cotta warrior when placing an order.

The customized terracotta warrior replicas (customized faces with original warriors' bodies), are availabe in the following sizes and prices.

 Sizes  Height( In)  Price (USD)
 1/1 life size  75"  $899  $809.10
 3/4 life size  60"  $769  $692.10

Price: $769.00 $692.10

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